Teochew Opera in Singapore
Admin 754 24 Jul, 2016

Teochew Opera in Singapore

An art form which was immensely popular in the past, today no longer so. The potential loss of an art form if there are no support programs to encourage the younger generation to be interested in this sort of performance.

The intricate details on the costumes, the headgear, the accessories, the instruments, the make-up. The hours and effort spent rehearsing, preparing, performing, assembling and dis-assembling.

And yet, the public's response and interest has been discouraging.

Is there a solution? How long more can it go on?

I can't imagine the challenges faced by the opera troupes and artistes. What is the motivation that pushes them to continue?

Art? Tradition? Pride? Friends?

It was a privilege to be allowed back-stage access and be able to witness the entire show and everyone in such close proximity, I hope this video can help to showcase bits and pieces of what I saw and experienced.

This opera troupe is called Lao Sai Tao Yuan, and their facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/lao.saitaoyuan

Special thanks to my friend Wee Liang who helped to set up this opportunity. You can connect with him on instagram via @ah_liang_liang if you are interested to learn more about Teochew Opera.

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