Graphicity - The First Night Hyperlapse film of Singapore
Admin 795 24 Oct, 2015

Graphicity - The First Night Hyperlapse film of Singapore

After completion of 7219 (, it was back to the drawing board with the next film in mind. Thinking it through day and night even while taking a poop, it was concluded then that it was going to be a hyperlapse film of Singapore.

The location scouting sessions were put up alongside with many many nights of lonely shooting to commence once locations were locked down. The limited quantity of music in my iPhone proved to be a saviour as it alleviated the torture. Like most paths of learning, bagging a shot with a first attempt was elusive and second and even third sessions were in place.

So spare us 2.5 minutes after the wonderful titling and appreciate any comments as always!

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Gear: All sorts of Canon lenses from the amazing 17 TSE to the absolutely stunning 70-300 IS L. Canon cameras were of course mated to the lenses. The day-to-night scenes were achieved with the Little Bramper.